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CNC Router Bits Manufacturer & Sharpener

AS&T manufactures the highest quality spiral compression bits and spiral bits for the woodworking industry, as well as other CNC tooling for the plastics and metalworking industries. The company dates to 1976, providing sharpening service to the state of Wisconsin since its inception.

Woodworking Tooling

AS&T saw icon: wood tooling, wood cutters, cnc tooling, router bits

The woodworking industry has been the bread and butter of AS&T from the beginning. The focus from the start was on sharpening carbide tipped saw blades, among many other woodworking tooling. AS&T sells and/or sharpens cutter for wood, cnc tooling, cnc router bits, straight router bits, carbide tipped saw blades.

The CNC tooling the company manufactures, sells and sharpens include CNC spiral and spiral compression bits, tool holders and collets. The most popular CNC tools are the 1/2" spiral compression bits, 1/2" spiral bits, 3/8" spiral compression bits, and 3/8" spiral bits. View our catalog to see the CNC router bits we sell online or contact us for any other industrial tooling you are interested in.


Industrial Tools for the Plastics Industry

AS&T industrial tools suppliers for the plastics industry icon: o-flute, spiral o flute bits, custom carbide saw blades, saw sharpening service

Plastics industry tooling is another specialty of AS&T. From solid carbide o flute router bits to spiral o flute bits to custom carbide tipped saw blades manufacture in-house, AS&T carries a vast array of industrial tools for the plastics industry.

AS&T, as a manufacturer of industrial tooling and tooling supply, we also offer a vast array of sharpening services. Everything sold by AS&T, if it can or ought to be sharpened, can be serviced by the company.

Metalworking Tooling

Icon for AS&T metalworking industry: router bit for aluminum, end mill, cold saw, sharpening service

Some of AS&T's longest-lasting customers are in the metalworking industry. End mills, cold saw blades, step drills, custom carbide tipped saw blades are some of the industrial tools AS&T supplies to the metalworking industry. There are many other industrial tooling supplies that we sell. 

Like the plastics and woodworking industrial tools, AS&T has a full sharpening service for all metalworking industrial tooling. Contact the sales team to learn more.

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